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It is an agency specialized in trips that are not traditional

WWG Travel


We are on agency specialized on non common trips. Our objective is to fill our travelers with mystic and unforgettable experiences.

When we think about traveling is because we want to discover new cultures, landscapes and human customs that invite us to see other horizons and allow us to encounter ourselves and to be able to realize how small the world actually is and how small is the space we occupied in this wonderful planet.

Having the opportunity of being able to see boreal auroras, Africa’s wildlife, and sky’s full of stars, turquoise waters and rivers that a allow us to explore them in bicycle, kayak etc., or that are even able to see high above the sky in a hot air balloon. Trips that will always be remember as a different way of knowing our planet, those are our mystic’s trips, a different and strange way of traveling.

Our own experiences of knowing the destinations offered by us are the key to success when it comes to designing yours.

We put up a dynamic, outgoing, passionate, and professional team that is completely dedicated to their job. Our goal is to take you to the place you have been always dream clout.

We are in charge of following your dreams and to make sure you don’t worry if anything comes in the way. Don’t follow the routine and try to do something completely new. “You need to do it in order to have something to tell.” There are no excuses to travel, the excuse is not to make it happen. ”