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Somos una empresa logística integrada, dedicada y especializada

We are an integrated, dedicated and specialized logistic Company who is focused in providing service management highly urgent. We offer a high quality service with strategical solutions for important organizations.

With more than 25 years of experience, we offer our clients a wide group of subsidiaries established in principal areas such as USA, ASIA, LATIN AMERICA and EUROPE

We generate Taylor made services for each customer with our team who is very capable of assisting each one of your necessities.

  • Checkup of the documents that support the shipping agreed between the stablished countries (origin and destiny)
  • We also have the most cautious service for importing and exporting biological- genetic samples for clinical studies.
  • We transport from blood samples to human tissue in environmental conditions, refrigerated or frozen respecting the norms for international transport IATA and CNS.
  • Delivery and distribution of documents and/or packages from one place to another.
  • Distribution of finance products.
  • Distribution of products from marketing campaigns.
  • Fulfillment
  • Packaging

We also have the option to transport regular or dangerous merchandise without a quantity limit or weight. The items can be transported by any of this options: Maritime, Air & Land

With modalities, Door to door and Door- airport- door

Offering palletized or bulked loading transported in an environmental temperature, refrigerated or frozen. We have two delivery modalities: standard and priority

We also have as well a service named Courier for importing and exporting documents and samples, it is ideal for sending envelopes or packages from one destiny to another. You can choose whether it is a standard or priority delivery.

Additional to all this services we count with temporal storage where we offer the most complete service for storing correspondence and samples from its origin place. This service can be adapted to the necessities each client requires. For instance: payments made in each destiny (collect), MAWB (hard copy), round trip finishing fulfillment, customs advice for health and phytosanitary bodies.


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